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Family members of homicide victims carry permanent scars from the devastating loss of their loved ones. When the crime remains unsolved, their pain only intensifies Yet, these resilient living victims wage a relentless battle for justice, persisting even as the case grows cold and public interest fades. In this podcast, we explore the raw and profound emotional journey these families endure, and the impact the long road to justice has had on their lives. From spearheading legislative reforms to launching advocacy initiatives, I hope by listening to their stories, you are motivated to continue your own fight for Cold Case Justice. 

Relentless Justice The Fight For Cold Case Justice Podcast

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Meet Jolynn Rice

Jolynn is a passionate advocate for justice and a seasoned professional in the field of marketing and media communication. Jolynn has a background in marketing, psychology, and criminology. She has also worked as a counselor and case manager with families and children affected by domestic violence and at-risk youth in the criminal justice system.

As the author of “Finding Your Voice: A Media Pitch Guide for Unsolved Homicide Cases (A Digital Advocacy Guide for Homicide Victims’ Families),” and founder of Cold Case Advocacy, Jolynn combines her expertise in media strategies and her compassionate approach to empower families to navigate the media landscape effectively. Her work aims to amplify the voices of those affected by unsolved cases and bring attention to cold cases that are often overlooked.

With years of experience working with families and advocacy organizations, Jolynn understands the unique challenges faced by families seeking justice. Her dedication to providing practical guidance, emotional support, and strategic advice shines through in her writing, making her a trusted resource for families and professionals alike.

Jolynn Rice

Creator of Cold Case Advocacy

Launched February 20, 2024

Dive into the emotional and profound world of cold case advocacy.

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